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Our association aims to facilitate the transition of the supply chain for the pharma and biotech sector to compliance with net zero emissions in line with the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The alliance has begun development of a roadmap describing what a net zero emission concept for pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply chain would look like and the steps necessary to achieve it. This foundational work also includes agreement on harmonized language and principles for the assessment and control of the total emission footprint for the final pharmaceutical products, as well as the company-specific responsibilities.

Ambition 2023

We will have raised awareness and created a strong network in the industry. Specific programs to reduce GHG emissions including waste reduction in injection devices have been established within our companies. The full supply chain of injection devices is represented by the Alliance.

Ambition 2026

Business models have been developed collaboratively based on GHG emissions reduction and Circular Economy principles. We have developed multiple supply chain solutions to significantly decarbonise injection devices that can be used across a wide variety of existing and future devices.

Ambition 2030

Our company operations covering the supply chain of the net zero product offering will be net zero or show significant GHG emissions reduction. Our solutions will have contributed to the launch of the first generation of net zero injection devices.


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