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The Alliance to Zero today announced the election of their new President, Dr. Arne Kloke of SCHOTT Pharma, who succeeds Sebastian Gerner (formerly of Ypsomed) who completed his term in May 2023.  Marion Briggs of HealthBeacon, plc has been elected Vice President of the Alliance for the incoming term.

Arne Kloke and Marion Briggs – both of whom have contributed as committee members of the Alliance since its foundation in June 2021 – will serve in their new roles until June 2026. Marta Berger of Körber Pharma has also been elected as secretary for the Alliance.

In his role as President, Arne will lead the strategic direction of the Alliance and continue to foster the multi-stakeholder collaborations that are necessary to progress the Alliances’ vision. 

I am delighted to accept the role of President of the Alliance to Zero. Over the last two years, we have contributed to the understanding of what is required to drive change towards net zero. We intend to continue this journey of understanding by facilitating multi-stakeholder discussions on enhancing the circular economy in pharma.  The urgency of climate change requires a deliberate focus on projects delivering real solutions for change in the pharma industry,” said Arne Kloke. 

I’d like to acknowledge the contribution that Sebastian Gerner made as the first President of the Alliance. He instigated the collaboration between the eight founding companies, and it has been a pleasure to develop the Alliance’s first steps with him for all of us. I personally look back to the many inspiring discussions we had together. We all wish him all the best in his new role.

Marion succeeds Robert O’Beirn in the role of Vice President, leading the Alliance as VP with specific focus on end-of-life and the design and development of circular solutions for injectable devices.

Commenting on her appointment, Marion said:” I am very proud of what the Alliance has achieved to date, and where we are now headed. It will be through the types of collaborations and tangible outcomes developed in the Alliance that we will facilitate the transition to a better future. I have learned an incredible amount and greatly enjoyed leading the End-of-Life Working Group and will continue to drive this section of our agenda, solving for net zero using circularity as a vehicle wherever possible.”

The Alliance to Zero, in conjunction with the Parenteral Drug Association, will be hosting a workshop on ‘The Circular Economy in Pharma’ on October 16th, the day prior to the 2023 PDA Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden on October 17th-18th.

About Alliance to Zero

The Alliance to Zero is a consortium of eight organisations along the supply chain of injection devices. The Alliance aims to facilitate the transition of the pharma sector to compliance with net zero emissions in line with the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement.   The Alliance recognizes that true progress on the shared goal of decarbonization of the supply chain will only happen through cross-industry collaboration.  Together these organizations – including Ypsomed, SCHOTT, Datwyler, Sharp, HealthBeacon, Schreiner MediPharm, Körber and Harro Höfliger – represent key parts of the pharma supply chain. 

Further information including their manifesto can be found on the Alliance to Zero website:

Dr. Arne Kloke
Arne Kloke is head of service and sustainability management at SCHOTT Pharma. He joined SCHOTT ‘s Pharmaceutical Systems business in 2014 and has been involved in introducing new primary packaging and processing solutions with suppliers, partners and customers throughout the injectables industry. In his current position, he is driving progress to product solutions and service concepts compliant with a zero-carbon future.

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Marion Briggs

Marion Briggs is the Sustainability Manager at HealthBeacon Ltd in Dublin, Ireland. A passionate environmentalist and sustainability advocate, she joined the HealthBeacon team in 2020 to help them oversee their sustainability initiatives and launch their Green Labs facility, which processes injection waste in a more circular and sustainable manner. In addition, she volunteers as Chair of the board of Friends of the Earth, Ireland, which allows her to contribute to the NGO community while keeping her finger on the pulse of what is happening in sustainability more broadly.

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Marta Berger

Marta Berger is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of marketing expertise in the pharma industry.  She adeptly combines her extensive industry knowledge with her exceptional skills as an executive assistant.

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