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TAKE OUR SURVEY | As we investigate proposed solutions to address the regulatory challenges to decarbonization of single-use medical devices, we need to hear your expert opinions.

The Alliance to Zero is focused on facilitating the transformation of the pharmaceutical sector to align with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. At the PDA Quality and Regulatory conference we discussed three regulatory challenges related to the decarbonization of single use injectable devices:

  1. The potential conflict between using recycled materials in contact surfaces of injection devices and ensuring biocompatibility.
  2. The exclusive use of virgin materials for ready-for-filling packaging, serving as a straightforward control strategy for managing outgassing profiles in empty, sterile containers.
  3. The absence of a comprehensive framework for quality control and liability in the context of commercial remanufacturing or reprocessing of injection devices, specifically for the reuse of subassemblies.

Your input is crucial to us as we work to address these challenges. The survey consists of twelve questions and should take 10-15 minutes. As a token of our appreciation, we will plant a tree for every completed survey we receive.

Privacy Statement

Your contribution to our survey is invaluable. We are requesting some personal details from you in order to share the results of our research with you and provide context to our findings. Your data will be kept confidential.

Why We Collect This Information:

  • Sharing Survey Results: We plan to share the survey’s outcomes in a scientific paper. By providing your information, you will receive a copy of the paper once it is published, staying informed about industry progress.
  • Reference and Credibility: Your industry sector and job position help attribute responses accurately in our publication, acknowledging your expertise and perspective.

Your privacy is important to us and you can rest assured that your data will be securely stored and not shared with any third parties. By proceeding with the survey, you consent to the collection and use of your data for these purposes.